Shinkawasaki Family Dental Clinic


TEL   044-588-4668

3-chōme-4-19 Ogura Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-0054



新川崎 歯医者 英語 院長

We have inherited the Kikuchi Dental Clinic, which has been in practice for over 40 years. We are now called the Shin-Kawasaki Family Dental Clinic.


I'm Koji Yamada, the Clinical Director.


We aim to be a dental clinic for everyone in the community where you can come and feel safe and  be treated like a part of the family.


I will explain your treatment until you understand it fully.


Feel free to ask any questions, no matter how small, anxious, or uncertain you may be.


We will respect your child's personality and temperament so that they can be treated comfortably.


In addition, since our hospital is open on Saturdays and Sundays and  until 20:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we have created an environment that makes it easy for people who miss dentistry due to working overtime to receive our services.


What Sets Us Apart


・ Patient-oriented treatment based on thorough, informed consent


・ Thorough sanitation of equipment and premises 


・ Environment that makes it easy to come to the clinic from afar with a parking lot and a bicycle parking lot


・ Flexible hours that make it easy for patients who are busy to seek medical treatment, with hours until 20:30 on some weekdays and open on Saturday and Sunday


・ Easy to access, with 3 stations nearby (Shin kawasaki, Yakou and Kashimada)


・ A dentist who can handle dental emergencies


新川崎 歯医者 患者様にご説明

Patient-oriented Treatment Based on Thorough Informed Consent


Instead of imposing the doctor's opinion unilaterally, we will consider the best treatment while listening to the patient's wishes.


Please feel free to contact us if it is difficult to talk to or consult with other dentists..




新川崎 歯医者 殺菌された治療器具

World's Latest, Highest Level of Thorough Sanitation


Is the instrument used for treatment hygienic? Have you ever been concerned?


It's not surprising that you would be worried about equipment that goes in your mouth. 



Shinkawasaki Family Dental Clinic is a dental clinic that uses the world's latest and highest level sterilization systems and is thoroughly committed to hygiene management.


新川崎 歯医者 お子様の治療

The clinic is fully equipped with a kids’ room, making it easy for patients with small children to visit.


Both the waiting room and the examination room are equipped with a kids’ room.


The kids’ room in the examination room has only one partition between the examination table and the kids' space.

That way you can always have your child in sight during your treatment.


※This space is closed for corona virus at the moment.


新川崎 歯医者 広い駐車場

Car and Bicycle Parking Lot are Available


If you don't have a dental clinic within walking distance of your home, there is inclement weather, or when you suddenly have a toothache, it's quite a hassle to go to a dentist using public transport.


Even in such a case, Shinkawasaki Family Dental has a parking lot so you can feel free to come.



You can enter the hospital from the covered parking lot, so you will not get wet, even in bad weather.


新川崎ファミリー歯科 急な治療にも対応

Open Weekends and Late on Weekdays


Most dental clinics are closed on Sundays and end treatment around 19:00. That makes it difficult for those who have to work a lot of overtime to go to the dentist.


At Shinkawasaki Family Dental Clinic, we provide medical care on Saturdays and Sundays and until 8:30 pm on weekdays in order to accommodate such patients.


新川崎ファミリー歯科 お子様の急な治療

A Dentist who can Handle Emergencies


We also deal with sudden problems such as a filling coming loose, sudden toothaches, and a crack in your dentures.


* Depending on the reservation status, you may have to wait.

* Reception is limited to 30 minutes before the consultation time.


Since it is fully equipped with a parking lot and a bicycle parking lot, many patients come to the hospital from afar.


Closed on Thursdays and national holidays.


Features of the Clinic

 Shinkawasaki Family Dental Clinic is equipped with the latest and highest level sterilizers and is committed to sanitation.


At this clinic, a second-class dental hygiene manager is employed, and in order to prevent hospital-acquired infections, we carry out thorough sterilization for each patient.

 Equipment of Shinkawasaki Dental Doctor Dental [Shinkawasaki Family Dental]


This is the main facility of our hospital.

Jet Washer

新川崎ファミリー歯科 最先端滅菌器
新川崎ファミリー歯科 最先端滅菌器2
新川崎ファミリー歯科 最先端滅菌器3

This machine automatically cleans, rinses, disinfects, and dries used equipment.


It thoroughly cleans protein stains such as blood and saliva, and rinses with boiling water at 93°C to disinfect to a level that can be touched by hand.


After that, sterilization is completed by further applying to the following autoclave.

class b autoclave (high pressure steam sterilizer)


Class B autoclaves create a vacuum in the machine and blow high-pressure, high-temperature steam into every crevice, so even the inside of thin pipes, which was not sufficient with general autoclaves, can be completely and entirely sterilized.



新川崎ファミリー歯科 紙コップ

Each turbine, a tooth-shaving tool that is indispensable for dental treatment, is cleaned, disinfected, sterilized with a dedicated machine, and then packed.




新川崎ファミリー歯科 最先端 タービン
新川崎ファミリー歯科 最先端 タービン2

This machine automatically cleans, lubricates, and sterilizes every part  of the turbine head.

Extraoral suction unit

新川崎ファミリー歯科 最先端の治療台

Invisible dust particles may be dispersed into the air when shaving teeth. In order to prevent the dust from scattering, we have installed an extraoral suction unit to vacuum the dust.

Sterilized Packed Equipment

新川崎ファミリー歯科 紙コップ2

Instruments used for surgical treatment are also individually stored in sterilization packs.


 Machinery and Equipment 

Sterilized instruments and equipment handled at this hospital.


Paper Cups / Paper Aprons


Disposable cups and aprons are used for each patient.


新川崎ファミリー歯科 使い捨て手袋
新川崎ファミリー歯科 滅菌済スリッパ


The rubber gloves used at this hospital are also disposable and are replaced for each patient.


We also have gloves that can be used by patients who are allergic to rubber.


Slipper Case

The slippers are also clean because a slipper rack with a germicidal lamp is used.

Our Office

A clinic with well maintained hygienic standards.

Introducing the atmosphere, facilities, and equipment in the hospital.



新川崎 歯医者 清潔な受付
新川崎 歯医者 清潔な待合室

Reception / Waiting Room




Our waiting room features calming colors.



Examination Room AND Equipment

新川崎 歯医者 最先端 治療台

Examination Room


There is a kids' space next to the clinic table in the examination room, so you can receive treatment while being able to hear your child's voice during the exam.


Since the clinic and the kids' space are only separated by a partition, it is an environment where children can come to see the parents who are undergoing treatment.


Patients with small children are welcome to come with peace of mind.

Digital X-ray Machines

新川崎 歯医者 清潔な治療室
新川崎 歯医者 最先端 レントゲン

Examination tables are separated by a partition for added privacy.


We have adopted digital X-ray machines to minimize patient exposure.

With a clearer image, you can see not only the teeth but also the lesions hidden in the mandible.


新川崎ファミリー歯科 最先端 モニター

The image after taking the X-ray will be displayed on the monitor screen in front of the examination table and explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

shinkawasaki family dental clinic

A 10-minute walk from Shin-Kawasaki Station, Kashimada Station, and Yakou Station.


3-chōme-4-19 Ogura Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-0054


TEL  044-588-4668


For Those Coming by Train

For those using Yokosuka Line, please get off at Shin-Kawasaki Station


When using a bus from Shin-Kawasaki Station ➡ Take the exit for Kitakase and take the city bus from the bus stop in front of you to Egawa-cho, and get off at the Ogura bus stop. (The ride will take about 5 minutes).


If you are arriving on foot from Shin-Kawasaki Station, please use the directions below.

For Those Coming By Car or Bicycle

新川崎ファミリー歯科 ルーフパーキング

There are two parking spaces in front of the hospital.


Bicycles can also be parked in front of the hospital.


The parking lot is completely covered, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet, even when it’s stormy.

Directions on foot from Shin-Kawasaki Station

Go through the ticket gate and head toward Kitakase.


Exit the station building and follow the promenade on your left.


Go down the stairs on your left.


After going down the stairs, keep to your right.


Keep going straight through and pass the bicycle parking lot.


There will be a park on the left side.


The clinic will be a little past this building on the left.


Turn right at the intersection of the CARRIERS buildings.

It will be more convenient if you cross to the right on the way.


Shinkawasaki Family Dental is on the 1st floor of the building on your left when you go straight ahead.

clinic location map

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